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Dress Code

        Dress Code during the school hours for both boarders and Day Scholars
( Click on the numbers to see the samples )

School Uniform for weekdays except Wednesdays 

       Std 1 – 8     - Blue Shirt, Grey Skirt, Brown Shoes and Grey Socks
       Std 9 – 10   - Blue Shirt, Grey Skirt, Blazer, Brown Shoes and Grey Socks 
       Std 11–12 - White Shirt, Grey Pleated Skirt, Blazer, Brown Shoes and Grey Socks 

Sunday Uniform 

        Full – Sleeved white collared shirt, pleated grey skirt, school tie and grey jersey

Wednesdays uniform 

       House track suit, games shirt, games shorts, gym shoes and house coloured socks

Games Kit

        House t-shirt, Cycling shorts and Basket Ball (Loose) Shorts
         for practice sessions:-
               Athletes, Basket Ball Players, Tennis Players and Shuttle Players are allowed to were their interschool kits


       Sleeveless jersey, Full Sleeved jersey, Casual clothes are allowed for the boarders after School hours, but jerseys and socks are compulsory (any colour). Clothes that will keep students warm are advised. 

Hair and other Dressing

Two Ponytails/plaits, Black rubber bands and black clip

Small earrings are allowed but long ones are not allowed

Nail Polish, long nails and mehndi are not allowed