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                                      SCHOOL RULES AND REGULATIONS - Boarders


  1. Students are required to report on time and leave only on the prescribed dates and time. Arriving late after the stipulated time and date of return following free week-ends and holidays will result in disciplinary action. Request for early leave and permission to return late after breaks will not be entertained except under exceptional/emergency circumstances. Such leave must be requested for at least a week in advance in writing. Only the Principal is authorized to grant such leaves. All family functions, medical appointments, etc., must be arranged for only in scheduled breaks.
  2. Boarders may go home for ‘Free week-ends’ which are marked on the school calendar.
  3. If for some unavoidable reason you are unable to come and take the child, alternate arrangements could be made with permission in writing to the Office.
  4. Students are expected to participate in all activities of the school. They are also expected to be obedient, courteous and co-operative.
  5. Students are not allowed to use electrical   gadgets in the dormitories.
  6. Expensive articles such as cameras, gold ornaments and cash should not be brought to the school.  If they are brought the students do so at their risk and responsibility.
  7. Please send a large enough supply of spread (500g at least) and enough supply of toiletries to last your daughter for at least one and a half months. Children have sufficient space in their lockers to store this.

(a) Permitted Spreads:

Fruit Jam, Cheese spread, Tomato sauce.   

 (b) Do not send money and snacks. This is prohibited. Also avoid sending toys, crayons, books etc. We have sufficient resources here to engage children.

 (c) Parents are requested not to send food, expensive gift items through parcels.

  1. 8.      Medicines:

(a) Kindly keep the School Nurse and Dorm Parent informed about any medication or treatment your child is undergoing

(b) A number of parents are opting for dental treatments from local doctors. Such treatments may be given by the School dentists – they are well qualified and experienced. A dental surgeon from Coimbatore also visits twice a month. This will help avoid problems of scheduling appointments during the term time.


  1. 9.      Phone calls:

Usage of Mobile phone facility for Boarders from Std V to XII  with the following terms and conditions:

a)      Only a simple basic mobile  will be allowed which costs around d Rs.1,000/-.

b)      Parents will deposit the mobile with the matron  on arrival.

c)      Only 2 numbers will be stored in the mobile, that of the parents.

d)     Only one call per week per child will be permitted.

e)       Only  parents will call the child, children will not be allowed to make calls.

f)       The dorm parent on duty will check the number before the child is given the mobile to answer.

g)      Parents to call the mobile only at the given day and time.

h)      Parents who have two children may purchase a mobile for both so that you have adequate talking time with your children

i)        Please be patient when making Sunday calls. It may take a few minutes. Kindly avoid trying to call through the school land line numbers as the Office is closed on Sundays and there is no one to attend the calls. Calls may be made on these numbers only in case of emergencies.

j)        As far as possible, we request you to confine all routine enquiries by phone to the Office timings i.e. Monday- Saturday from 9.00 A.M – 5.30 P.M.


Week days: Only for Birthday call from 4:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M.

Number : 0423-2442540


Sundays: Junior Dorm


    Land Line : (0423-2441289 / 2452640 / 2900220)

    Timings     : (10:30 to 2:30)    

                 Senior Dorm


              Mobile Phones: (Timings – 2:00 P.M. to 2:30 P.M.)

              Landline          : (0423-2443651 / 2451540 / 2450397)

              Timings            : ( 2:00P.M.to3:30P.M.)           


k)      If any discrepancy/misuse is noted/found out , this facility will be withdrawn for all.


  1. Use of MP3 players during free tome on week-ends is permitted for students of Class 8th  to 12th . MP3 Players must be kept in the custody of the Dorm Parent.
  2. All  furniture, fittings and properties of the school should be used with care.  If breakages incurred by particular student – will be fined.
  3. Perfect cleanliness should be maintained in Class rooms and dormitories.
  4. Objectionable magazines, CDs etc., are all BANNED.
  5. Boarders will be taken to Church on all Sundays.
  6. Students are not allowed to leave the campus without prior permission.  Offenders  will be dealt with severely.