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Frequently Asked Questions

1). When does the new academic year begin ?
Ans :- The academic year begins on the 1st of April

2). When is the application given?
Ans :- The application will be given by the third week of January, every year

3). When is the entrance exam conducted?
Ans :- the entrance exam is conducted on the 2nd Saturday of March every year

4). When can we phone my child in the boarding?
Ans :- Calls are allowed only on Saturday and Sunday as per the schedule and please limit the call to 3 min (click here to view the allotted time)

5). When can I visit my child and what can I bring them?
Ans :- It is only allowed on Saturday and Sunday from 3.30pm to 5.30 pm please limit your visits to once a month

please do not bring the following items for the student

1) No Cell Phone
2) No tuck (by person or by courier)
3) No money
4) No i-pod
5) No video cam
in short, no electronic gadgets of any kind

6.Is it a Boarding School?

Yes. Partially boarding and partially day school.

 7.Is it only for Girls?

Yes, only girls school.

 8.Which Syllabus do you follow?  ICSE or CBSE ?

We follow ICSE Syllabus till 10th Std and State Board Syllabus for 11th and 12th Std.

 9.Whether there will be entrance test for all the classes?

Yes. Admission will be fully based on the child’s performance in her entrance test.  Except 11th Std. Based on the 10th Std Marks, 11th Std Admission will be taken place. 

 10.What is the admission procedure?

On the payment of Rs. 500/- for the application and Rs. 500/- for the registration the admission will be done. Registration fee doesn’t carry any guarantee of admission.

 11.Are there any extracurricular activities for the child?

Yes. Sports (Basket Ball, Table Tennis, Badminton, etc.,), Skating, Teak-won-do, Music( Piano,

Guitar, Violin & Drums) & Clubs.

 12.Is the fee considerable to all clauses?

Yes. The fee is nominal and also there is a flexible time to pay the fee, i.e in 4 Quarters.

 13.What about the food?

Veg and Non-veg food is served.

 14.Does the school offer any IIT classes?

Yes.  We do. It helps the child to prepare for the Higher Studies entrance test.

15.What kind of accommodation provided for child?

We provide dormitory system of accommodation.